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artistic + strategic consulting

_RE-THINKING and setting the focus on a contemporary approach towards classical music

_CREATING joint ideas and concepts: shaping and presenting classical music, implementing new formats, developing new synergies.

Music Management // Link List + Further Reading


Open the Music Industry’s Black Box // New York Times
- interesting article

Rethink Music
- an initiative of the Berklee Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship

Edna Landau: Ask Edna (Blog)
- Edna Landau is a an icon in the classical music business. She has a Q&A blog (musician career counselling)  at the website of Musical America.

Bettina Mehne/Bernhard Kerres: Be Your Own Manager - Career Handbook for Classical Musicians

Carsten Dürer:  Können alleine reicht nicht
- A solid book about self management for musicians by German publisher Carsten Dürer.

Bamert/Skipwith: Musikmanagement – Der Leitfaden für die Praxis
- Another solid music management book.

Martin Lindström: Brandwashed
- Tricks companies use to manipulate our minds. An extremely interesting book about branding.

CD Baby
- independent music store

Odradek Records
- artist-controlled, democratic, cooperative, non-profit record label

Austrian Grammophone
- possibilities for self CD-distribution

Robin Fisher Roffer: The Fearless Fish out of Water
- Another interesting book about branding that also has a closer look on how to build up an image.

Interview with Edna Landau
- A Youtube link

- Great international platform with a global search engine for presenters etc. by country.

World Federation of International Music Competitions
- A little compendium of international music competitions.

- There are quite interesting blog-entries on this website to find.

European Association of Artist Managers
- You can find a list of the association's members on their website, sorted by country.

International Artist Manager's Association
- An international associations with members from all across the world. Here you find information on concert presenters, orchestras, festivals, agencies and other partners working in the classical music business.