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Andreas Vierziger
artistic + strategic consulting

_RE-THINKING and setting the focus on a contemporary approach towards classical music

_CREATING joint ideas and concepts: shaping and presenting classical music, implementing new formats, developing new synergies.

Günther Caspar-Stiftung // Little Selection of Music Management Links

HELLO! And welcome back to management-mode.
First and foremost: It was great meeting you. However, as promised I put together a little link-list for you in case you really start missing music management and want some further reading and a bit of information. I will leave this section on my website until the end of the month.
Let me know how things are going and I am looking forward to seeing you again latest in Autumn, it will be a feast.

European Association of Artist Managers
- You can find a list of the association's members on their website, sorted by country.

International Artist Manager's Association
- An international associations with members from all across the world. Here you find information on concert presenters, orchestras, festivals, agencies and other partners working in the classical music business.

Classical:NEXT // A newer annual conference that seeks progress in the classical music field. The people who participate have various backgrounds, a lot of recording industry, distributers and PR. Maybe you want to have a look on the member-lists.

Musical America // A big portal about classical music and performing arts, based in America. There is an option to search for festival that comes in handy. Not all categories of their search engine are for free though.

VDKD - Verband der Deutschen Konzertdirektionen e.V. // Germany based association for especially concert presenters and promoters. Not only in the field of classical music. Maybe you want to have a look on the member-lists.

Edna Landau: Ask Edna (Blog)
- Edna Landau is a an icon in the classical music business. She has a Q&A blog (musician career counselling)  at the website of Musical America.

Interview with Edna Landau
- A Youtube link

Red Bull Amaphiko Masterclass: authentic digital storytelling in Social Entrepreneurship // This is a solid masterclass about storytelling that is very interesting. These skills can be used in every field.

Rethink Music
- an initiative of the Berklee Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship

Martin Lindström: Brandwashed
- Tricks companies use to manipulate our minds. An extremely interesting book about branding.

Robin Fisher Roffer: The Fearless Fish out of Water
- Another interesting book about branding that also has a closer look on how to build up an image.

Open the Music Industry’s Black Box // New York Times
- interesting article from July 31, 2015

CD Baby
- independent music store

Odradek Records
- artist-controlled, democratic, cooperative, non-profit record label

- There are quite interesting blog-entries on this website to find.

Musical America Competition Guide
- A downloadable PDF brochure

World Federation of International Music Competitions
- A little compendium of international music competitions.