Andreas Vierziger

Artistic + Strategic Consulting



and setting the focus on a contemporary approach towards classical music


joint ideas and concepts: shaping and presenting classical music, implementing new formats, developing new synergies.

 Artistic Consulting

music curation, music consulting + supervision

artistic projects + programming

interdisciplinary collaborations + synergies

artistic production


 Strategic Consulting

Andreas Vierziger collaborates with a strong and diversified network of partners all across the board. He works with clients from the music industry and beyond, including festivals, record labels, educational institutions, artists and many others. He holds a license for business consulting.

concept, strategy + project development

new synergies + interdisciplinary collaborations

brand development, content production + positioning

 Selection of Clients + Projects

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Andreas Vierziger approaches classical music from a personal angle re-thinking established constructs and shaping them in a contemporary way. His work focusses primarily on artistic content and concepts, strategy and on their neglected contact points. He holds a license for business consulting.

His clients, projects and collaborators range from music and art festivals, presenters and record labels to institutions in the fields of education, music, the arts and other genres and disciplines.

On the theoretical side Andreas focusses on alternative performative models in classical music, on music management and on interdisciplinary collaborations between music and other genres. He has been given lectures at prestigious universities such as Paris-Sorbonne, Tokyo University for the Arts and many more.

 Academia and Theory

As a lecturer, speaker and panelist Andreas Vierziger regularly is invited to various universities and other institutions. Among his core topics are MUSIC MANAGEMENT, BRAND BUILDING, ALTERNATIVE CONCERT FORMATS and GENRE CROSSING COLLABORATIONS IN THE ARTS. He was lecturing at leading universities in capital cities such as Paris, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Tallinn, Ankara, Zurich, Vienna, Budapest and Tokyo.